What We Should do

I want to talk about the 2016 election. It angers me when I still see post blaming the Bernie Bots for spreading right wing lies or Russian collusion or Wikileaks or Jill Stein.

While I will concede that those things helped, the real reason Hillary lost was the Electoral College. You don’t have to win a majority of votes, only a majority of electors. That is why candidates campaign most heavily in states with the most electors. Quite often elections are decided in the east, well before the polls close in the west.

Think about it, Hillary won 3 million more votes than Trump, she should be president.

If not for the electoral college Trump would never have been president in spite of all the cheating. G.W. Bush would never have been president.

In order to have fair elections we have to:

1- get rid of the electoral college

2-get the money out

3-get rid of those damn machines and either go to paper                    ballots or mail-in ballots.

The system is rigged, it always has been. There are many other things we could do such as put the kibosh on gerrymandering,but what I have mentioned here would be a great start.


Author: mhhoyt

Michael is saddened by the state of affairs today. The discrimination against blacks and women and LGBTQ. He is saddened by the deaths of so many people because of gun ownership in a society that seems to think it is acceptable for a person to go into a school and kill 20 children or into a mall and kill many people. He is saddened by a political party that supports the very rich and corporations over men, women, children and others. Michael is disgusted by a political party that refuses to support our veterans, our elderly and the working people of America. He is disgusted by government officials that totally refuse to do the job they are elected to do.

2 thoughts on “What We Should do”

  1. Berniebaggers did help Trumputin get elected.

    Here are the facts. Bernie lost by 3.8 million votes (12 points). Once he lost, he was done. Then everyone (including ignorant Berniebaggers) had only two viable choices for president. Hillary or Trumputin. In fact, 12% of whiny Berniebaggers had a tantrum and actually voted for Trumputin. Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Trumputin won the Electoral College by winning three swing states by less than a total of 80,000 votes. Bernie couldn’t deliver his supporters and we now have Trumputin. Berniebaggers fucked up and refuse to own it. Those are the facts.

    This is what you should be angered about.

    “Through the use of an unfettered social media base, the same hate-filled lies were being projected to the two sides that the Russians knew would believe almost anything: the extreme left and the extreme right.”

    “They targeted the individuals that they knew would be stupid enough to simply not bother to check on facts and, instead, buy into any and all wacko rhetoric that accommodated their personal disdain for both the system and Hillary Clinton.”

    “The fact that the people that seem to rally around their term of ‘progressive’ fell prey to the kind of propaganda brainwashing that one would expect in a cheap spy novel, speaks volumes about both their mentality and their psychological belief system. This group shares the same cognitive dissonance as the extreme right conservatives.”

    “Sanders and Stein Knew About Russian Influence….and Did Nothing to Stop it”

    View at Medium.com


    1. What you say is true, however, if it had not been for the electoral college Trump would not be president. Remember, Hillary got over 3 million more votes than him. Yes Bernie Bots and Stein probably did help him win electors but if there were no electors……


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