Define ‘Standard Retard’


I’m a pretty easy going person. Usually things people do and say rolls off me like water off a ducks back, but sometimes people say or do something that just makes me wish I could be put in a locked room with them for ten minutes.

Such is the case with Ann Coulter and her attempt to excuse Trump when he mimicked a handicapped reporter. That miserable, poor excuse of a human being said, “Trump was just imitating a ‘standard retard,’ not mocking the reporter’s handicap.”

What the hell is a ‘standard retard,’ Ann Coulter? One of my sisters was mentally retarded. At age 12 she was made a ward of the state of Oregon because Dad caught some boys trying to take advantage of her and  didn’t think he could give her proper care. If he only knew.

When she went into the home my sister’s mind was the equivalent to a four or five year old.  She didn’t understand much and you still had to help her go potty and she wore a diaper because she wet the bed. I found out years later that they tried to ‘cure’ her by using electroshock therapy. That’s right, Ann Coulter, they hooked wires to her head and shot electricity through her brain in hopes of killing the bad brain cells and allowing her to live a more or less normal life. She died from breast cancer at age 70, still with the mind of a four year old and still wetting the bed.

Is that what you call a ‘standard retard,’ Ann Coulter? Maybe you just don’t understand mental disease, or maybe you just don’t care. Maybe you think it’s funny to make fun of peoples mental and physical disabilities, well I don’t. I think you are a disgusting, vile person not fit to breathe the same air as me.

Since my sister was in Oregon, here is a website website with the history of the treatment of mental illness in Oregon.


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