Minimum Wage

“In 2016, Arizona voters approved proposition 206, which raised the minimum wage from $8.05 an hour to $10 and then increased it every year to $12 in 2020. Prop. 206 then required the minimum wage to be adjusted annually for inflation based off August numbers.” This was opposed by, then governor, Jan Brewer who tried... Continue Reading →


OK, so I’m no expert. In fact, I’ve never been in the military. I got notice to go to Portland, Or. for my pre-induction physical in early 1967. If they would have checked the hearing first I could have just gone home, but they didn’t. I was there for the whole embarrassing thing from doctors... Continue Reading →

Parental Responsibility

I get really tired of people fighting to keep their children from wearing masks in school. Many cite parental rights. PARENTAL RIGHTS BE DAMNED, WHAT ABOUT PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.  It is the responsibility of every parent to keep their children safe. A responsible parent wouldn’t let their child go to a party where they knew drinking... Continue Reading →

Trumps great America

As Trump has turned our world upside down, so shall I turn his world upside down.Pence made a speech awhile back in which he praised Trump for all his "great accomplishments while he was president. I thought it would be fun to review all Trumps "great accomplishments" and see what he has done to Make... Continue Reading →

Our Responsibility

As adults, it is our job to protect the children. Children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated. Therefore, if the CDC recommends they wear masks in school it is up to the parents to see that they do. Don't even think that only older people can get Covid 19. I saw a nurse from Florida... Continue Reading →

Minimum Wage

I have two f/b accounts. My other one is the family one. Usually, I try to keep politics off the family page but sometimes It can't be helped. The following is a response I made to a post that a relative made . It was the sign that complains that nobody wants to work anymore... Continue Reading →

Googly and more

So, Googliani is finally about to get his comeuppance. It seems the FBI raided his office and home and seized his records, computers, and cell phones. Googliani is just dumb enough to leave a trail miles for them. It has something to do with his dealings with Ukraine. Ron Johnson is also in trouble. It... Continue Reading →

The “Trial”

Well, here it is, the (maybe) last day of the so-called trial. I say that because it’s not like a real trial. Actually, It may go on longer now because they just voted to have witnesses In what criminal trial are the witnesses, the victims, and the jurors all the same. In what criminal trial... Continue Reading →


  The voting rights act of 1965 was enacted as a deterrent to voter suppression efforts, known as the Jim Crow Laws, particularly in the southern parts of the United States. The Jim Crow Laws used such tactics as requiring literacy tests to people who wanted to vote. The test given to whites was quite... Continue Reading →

The real economy

Psssst, I've gotta a little secret to tell ya. Ya know how the media is always touting how the stock market is going up and making it sound like the whole economy is great because of it, or if it goes down there is a big dip in our economy. Don't you believe the b*llsh*t.... Continue Reading →

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